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Traditional Apricot

Traditional Apricot



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What is this fruit?

The traditional crop varieties in Spain such as: Valencian, Pepito, Mitger, Galta Roja, Búlida and Moniquí; are leaders within the fruit for their quality and flavour. Varietal innovation and the inevitable market trends towards visual aesthetics (attraction based on a more orangey colour) have not been able to undermine the reputation of high quality and flavour of these traditional apricots, which have survived the aggressive selection of the markets. Although in limited volume, our company has a wide range of this type of apricot to cover a calendar of 2 months of service.



The apricot is by far one of the most delicious and popular stone fruits. Its small size, intense flavour and easy consumption make it tempting to eat more than one.  It is also an ideal fruit for making delicious jams and an ingredient for cakes and sweets.


This fruit dates back thousands of years and, although it was brought to Europe by the Romans, it was first grown in central Asia around 3000 years ago. Its good adaptation to the semi-arid climate of Murcia and other regions of Spain favours its growth and the high quality of its fruit, suitable for long transport periods.


The varieties of apricot have undergone a significant evolution process over the last few decades, where traditional apricots; largely with white flesh and a yellow skin, have gradually been replaced in the markets by varieties with a yellow or orange flesh and a yellowish skin. This evolution is the result of an increase in demand for the varieties with a more attractive colouring, which has led growers to restructure apricot farms to gradually transform them into yellowish apricots, which today represent the majority of fresh apricots on the market.



Nutritional values


  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • High water content
  • Improves digestion
  • Contains Vitamin C
  • Improves sight
  • List Title

Sales formats

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