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Fernando Galindo

Fernando Galindo

Wo is Fernando Galindo?

It isn’t easy to sum up in just a few lines such an exceptional person and someone who has promoted, as he has been able to, the heritage of Cieza. I hope these lines are at least able to help people who still don’t know him, to get to know him a little better, and therefore understand more about Fernando Galindo Tormo. He is without doubt, a real character.


In recent decades, day after day, Fernando Galindo has tirelessly captured with his camera the best smiles and the best poses of the people of Cieza: the happiest, the simplest poses of the shyest people, and the most serene and friendly poses of the elderly. Fernando Galindo has been able to capture the colours of Cieza’s festival, the beauty of its women, the purity of its landscapes and the warm looks of our people. But, if there is one thing his work is really known for, and which has transcended borders, it is the Blossoming of Cieza.


Despite the fact we have always lived surrounded by this unrivalled beauty, the town’s farmers make it possible with their hard work, and it always appears at the start of every spring, Fernando’s special vision and momentum have led him to capture, in great detail, the most beautiful corners of our Blossoming. Not satisfied with that, he shares them to promote them (more often than not at his own expense) in all of the media possible.


I must also say that I had the chance to meet Fernando when, 10 years ago, he did a photo exhibition for the first time of photographs about the Blossoming in El Corte Inglés of the Gran Via in Murcia. I still remember his voice and the sparkle in his eyes when he talked about that event as something important and historic, so the people of Murcia could discover the wealth of this wonderful display of nature. Today, eleven years later, he has continued to show the same intensity in the sparkle of his eyes each time we meet and, as always, he talks about the importance of promoting our heritage.


Nowadays, thanks to many people’s efforts and hard work, the phenomenon of the Blossoming has been institutionalised and continues to grow a little more each year, bringing wealth to the town. However, without a shadow of a doubt, the father, the pioneer of this magnificent event, through his unique vision has, and continues to be, Fernando Galindo.  A Fernando who, with his energy and enthusiasm, knows better than anyone how to capture the best smiles and who tirelessly continues walking around our town, rediscovering each day and with fresh eyes, the beauty which is hidden in plain sight that everyone else usually misses.


Finally, I have to point out that most of the photographs on this website are the work of Fernando Galindo, and we have always found a friend in him that wants to immortalise the key moments of our work, our workers and our members with his camera.  


Thank you Fernando!



Santiago Vázquez

Visit the Fernando´s website

Visit the Fernando´s website

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