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What is a cooperative?

What is a cooperative?


An agricultural cooperative is a company which is set up through the agreement of many farmers and, thanks to this integrative formula, they find an economic, political and legal system to share their small estates and thereby develop a top rate business activity that would be inaccessible to each of them individually.


The following extract from the Explanatory Memorandum of  Law 27/1999, of July 16th, on Cooperatives in Spain, perfectly summarises the essence of Agri-food cooperatives like ours: the business formula in which people position themselves in the centre of the organisation while meeting the highest standards of competitiveness and competitiveness of the market:

“…Appropriate legislation for cooperative societies, causes the legislator to consider the need to offer an appropriate vehicle which channels the group initiatives of citizens who carry out their income-generating activities and stable employment. The promotion of cooperativism as a formula that facilitates the economic and labour integration of Spanish people in the market, makes the requirements of profitability and competitiveness of the more developed economies perfectly compatible with the values that have shaped cooperatives for more than one hundred and fifty years. The elements of a company of people, such as cooperatives, can live in harmony with the demands of the market

Explanatory Memorandum of the Law of Cooperatives, 1999, Spain

We are:

We are a real cooperative

Created by growers that come together to market their products

of professional growers

Whose main source of income is farming so they can support their families

We maintain the rural population

By giving employment to the people of our towns and preventing people from having to leave as a result of lack of opportunities.

We look after the environment

With the most efficient techniques to guarantee the wellbeing of future generations.

We reduce CO2

Growing healthy foods that also emit Oxygen and capture Co2 from the atmosphere

We generate clean energy

We are pioneers in investment in photovoltaic energy

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