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IGP Cieza Peach

IGP Cieza Peach

Picture by Fernando Galindo

What is the IGP Cieza Peach?

The acronym: I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) is used to name unique products of a specific geographical area and which stand out from the rest.


This classification was recently obtained in Cieza, famous for decades thanks to the flavour and juiciness of its Peaches. This enables both the companies that work hard growing this produce and the consumers to be identified and protected in the market so the peaches can be bought without any ambiguity.


The Cieza Peach protected by the IGP is the result, not only of a specific selection of varieties that have exceptional aromatic and flavour characteristics, but also for being grown in a specific area which enhances these characteristics, to offer the consumer a sublime experience in consuming them.

How to identify them?

The Cieza Peach now has a specific identifier, an easily recognisable logo which enables the consumer to enjoy an unambiguous experience.


The packaging containing these peaches must have a label in the retailer that features the following text: “Melocotón de Cieza” (Cieza Peach) and be packaged by a company which is located in Cieza, in returnable supermarket packaging or wooden or cardboard packaging which is new, clean and non-reusable.


The fruits should also have a sticker containing the IGP’s logo: Cieza Peach

Where to find it?

In supermarkets and trusted shops that offer easy visibility of the IGP’s logo

Find out more

You can find additional information on the IGP Cieza Peach website:  

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